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Andrey SEMENOV: Recordings

Attention!  New CD

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"Do not Fall Asleep Amidst the Frost in Nonchalance!".
Composer Andrey Semenov sings his old songs

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Composer Andrey Semenov. "Complaints Book".
Three expreriments with various texts

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Andrey Semenov. Chamber instrumental music

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"Princess and the Rain". Songs from Andrey Semoynov's music for theater

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Andrey Semenov. "New Year Record". Instrumental music and songs for New Year festivities in Kremlin

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"Heart Movements". Music of Andrey Semenov

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"Phantoms Of The Operas"
composer Andrey Semenov

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"Music For Strings"
composer Andrey Semenov

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"School of Miracles", New Year musical
composer Andrey Semenov

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"Run, Steeds, Run!…", first Gipsy musical
Andrey Semenov, music
Vladislav Starchevsky, lyrics
Edgar Egadze, play
Pavel Bobrov, direction

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"New Year Adventures of Ivanushka and Humpbacked Little Stallion (Konyok-Gorbunok)", musical
Andrey Semenov. music
libretto and lyrics by Andrey Semin, based on the fairy tale Konyok-Gorbunok by Petr Ershov

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Music For Wind Instruments
composer Andrey Semenov

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"Blinded Ones", musical
Andrey Semenov, music
text by Vladislav Starchevsky, based in the play by Edgar Egadze
Pavel Bobrov, direction

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"Cinderella", musical
Andrey Semenov, music
On scenario of the same name by Eugeny Schwarz

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"New Year Near The Curved Seashore", musical
Andrey Semenov, music
On scenario of the same name by Eugeny Schwarz

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"Crazy Cabaret"
Igor fon Zimfer and Andrey Semenov

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Music by Andrey Semenov

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Music For Piano
Andrey Semenov

Biryulik. Maikaparki, cycle of piano pieces in four hands, with singing and recitation. Two parts from the cycle:
 36.  "March of Disput Club against Philistines" (piece No.17)
Andrey Semenov and Vladimir Yurovsky, piano
Vladimir Yurovsky, text reading

New CD!
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"New Year Lighthouse", musical (for New Year Celebration in Kremlin – 2006)
Andrey Semenov, music
Andrey Semin, play and lyrics

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"Children's Music For Adults"
composer Andrey Semenov

"Mouth Without A Lock". Vocal cycle, lyrics by Sasha Сherny
"Teddy Bear in Northern Regions". Opera in two scenes

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"Karlsson-on-the-Roof", musical in two acts for children and their parents
music by Andrey Semenov
Libretto and lyrics by Zhanna Zherder based on Astrid Lindren's novel

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"Little operas"
Andrey Semenov, composer
Soloists, choir, Real Opera Association Orchestra (OBERIO), conductor Vladimir Jurowski

 06.  "Partisan Camping Opera", in two tableaux (sample)
Officer of White Army — Vladimir Ognev; Passerby — Andrey Breus; Peasant — Alexei Kuznetsov; Old Woman — Tatiana Ostriagina; Vahromeev, orderly — Denis Makarov; Partisans — men's choir
 07.  "Faust in the Hell", opera
Faust — Evgeny Polikanin; Mefistofeles — Vyacheslav Voynarovsky; Death — Vladimir Ognev; Devils — Dmitry Lebedev, Vladislav Kiryukhin; Shadows - choir

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"Moon Wolves", chamber opera; "The Silhouette of Petenera", poem
Andrey Semenov, composer

 01.  Fragment of the opera "Moon Wolves"
Ekaterina Kichigina, Мaxim Mikhailov, Dmitriy Sibirtsev. Orchestra (18 cellos and vibraphone). Conductor Dmitry Jurowski

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"The Fairy Tale on The Journey", musical. Kremlin New Year Celebration – 2007
Andrey Syomin, play and text. Andrey Semenov, composer

 09.  White Crow's Song
Lyudmila Tatarova
 20.  The Second Song of Kashchey and Baba Yaga
Valentina Ignatieva and Sergei Kolesnikov
 21.  Proshka's Seeking
Armen Dzhigarhanyan and The Choir
 26.  Finale
Elena Zaitseva and The Choir

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"Brutish Show", musical
Sergey Oleksyak and Vladislav Starchevsky, libretto
Andrey Semenov, composer

 11.   Squirrel's Song
Evgeniya Sviridova
 13.  Pig's Song
Tatiana Ostriagina
 15.  Snake's Monologue
Veronika Agapova
 19.  Night Trio
Elena Volgina, Ekaterina Kulchitskaya, Yuliya Shifershtein

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"The Magic Book", musical
Kremlin New Year Celebration – 2008
Andrey Semin, play & lyrics. Andrey Semenov, composer

   1.  Introduction
 18.  Wolf song
Mikhail Boyarski

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"Music For Theatre"
instrumental pieces of music for dramatic productions
Andrey Semenov, composer

   3.  Goldoni's Theme from the play "Carlo — The Honest Adventurer"
chamber orchestra conducted by Andrey Semenov
 12.  "The Doll" from the play "Blinded Ones"
The State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography. Conductor Sergey Skripka
 22.  Tarantella from the play "The Mistress of the Inn"
Ensemble of soloists of The Svetlanov Orchestra. Conductor Andrey Semenov
 28.  Love Theme from the play "Molière"
Orchestra of the Moscow Satire Theater. Conductor Andrey Semenov
 36.  Final of the play "Goodbye, Dead Ones"
The Svetlanov Orchestra. Conductor Andrey Semenov

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Tales About Chicha
pitiable semblance of grotesque opera in two acts
Composer Andrey Semenov
Librtetto by the author
Real Opera Association soloists, choir and orchestra
Conductor Vladimir Jurowski

 17. Symphonic poem 'Storm at metro'
Real Opera Association Orchestra, conductor Vladimir Jurowski
 22.  Finale of the first act – Quintet in E-flat major 'We'll go to Nakhimovskiy prospect'
Vladislav Kiryukhin, Natalia Kreslina, Anna Petrova, Fedor Sofronov, Sergey Newski, choir, orchestra
 39.  Old, Old Fedor's Song (music by Nikita Bogoslovsky)
Vladislav Kiryukhin, Vladimir Jurowski, Andrey Semenov, Fedor Sofronov, Sergey Newski

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Vocal Cycles
Andrey Semenov, composer

CD 1
   6.  Little suite for female voice and cello on the verses by Nina Krasnova
Ekaterina Kichigina and Svetlana Vladimirova
CD 2

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'On Your Knees!', grotesque opera in three acts
Andrey Semenov, composer

   1.  Duet "On the Shore" and Finale of the First act
Alexander Pozharov, Oxana Lesnichaya and others
   3.  March from the Third act
Choir, orchestra. Sergey Skripka, conductor

New CD!

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'Night at The Conservatory', symphonic music
Andrey Semenov, composer

Suite from the opera "Omsk Captive":
   5.  3. The Mirror
   6.  4. The Market
   7.  5. The Steppe
   9.  7. Scherzo
The Svetlanov Orchestra, conductor Andrey Semenov. Soloists: Natalia Kovalevskaia (violin), Alexei Konoplianikov (oboe), Alexei Sorokin (English horn), Mikhail Urman (bassoon).

Works by Andrey Semenov are also recorded on following CDs:

  • Natalia Mordkovich. I Am A Wild Cat — songs from musicals Jewish Chalk-Drawn Circle and Naked King.

  • Nikolay Karachentsov's Anthology — song Run, Steeds, Run!… from the musical of the same name.

  • Karlsson-on-the-Roof. Fragments of The Musical — the attachment to the Kollekzia magazine, 2008.

  • Souvenir for friends–2. Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra — fragments from musicals New Year at Lukomorie, New Year Lighthouse, Karlsson-on-the-Roof.

  • Alexander Pozharov. My Love — Not Trickle — song She Was A Girl Nadia and duet At the seaside from On Your Knees! grotesque opera.