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Andrey SEMENOV: Pictures

Composer Andrey Semenov

Paris Life production,
Moscow theater Hermitage

God is Likely All Around production

Live Corpse production,
Moscow theater Hermitage
Protasov – Yury Belyaev,
Aleksandrov – Andrey Semenov
Moscow theater Hermitage

Viktor Gvozditsky and Andrey Semenov

Viktor Gvozditsky, Andrey Semenov, and the entire troupe
Goodbye, Dead Ones production
Moscow theater Hermitage

Unmetered Kim-Tango production, Moscow theater Hermitage

Russian Language Lessons production, Moscow theater Hermitage

Kapnist Hither And Thither production, Moscow theater Hermitage

Who Is The Author Of This Outrage? production, Moscow theater Hermitage

Swan Lake production,
Moscow theater Shadow

Eugeny OnegEn production,
Moscow theater Shadow

A Man with a Gun, opera
Lenin - Vyacheslav Voynarovsky,
Ivan Shadrin - Andrey Semenov

At the recording studio

At the recording studio, with Mikhail Boyarsky

At the recording studio,
with Alexander Buynov

At the recording studio,
with Vyacheslav Voinarovsky

At the recording studio,
with Valeria Lanskaya

Composer Andrey Semenov

At the Mosfilm Ton-studio

Andrey Semenov, Vladimir Vengerovsky, Vladimir Jurowski
after the recording session at the Mosfilm Ton-studio

Andrey Semenov and Sergey Skripka, during the recording
of the Kremlin New Year Celebration musical

Andrey Semenov at the Mosfilm Ton-studio
with the assistant Nikita Semenov

Salvation, cantata

Composer Andrey Semenov

Mozart and Salieri production,
Black Box private theatrical concern

Lenin With Us!, show

Saint Benjamin's Journey to The Holy Land
Yevgeny Gerchakov's Theater Play

Musical Cinderella ("Zolushka")
in Moscow Operetta Theatre

With artists of Six frames TV show
during the recording session

In the orchestra pit of The Moscow Academic Theater of Satire

«Inspector» production in Novosibirsk Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

Gennady Gladkov and Andrey Semenov

Vladimir Jurowski, Valery Mikitsky, Andrey Semenov during the rehearsal,
Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

Fragment of the rehearsal,
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow

Vladimir Jurowski, Leonid Serebrennikov, Andrey Semenov
during the rehearsal at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow

Gennady Gladkov Jubilee Concert. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow

Maksim Rubtcov, Vladislav Lavrik,
and Andrey Semyonov at the concert by The 'Evgeny Svetlanov' Orchestra, the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

Maxim Rubtsov, Vladislav Lavrik, and Andrey Semenov render their thanks to Sergey Girshenko, The 'Evgeny Svetlanov' Orchestra concertmaster

Stanislav Kochanovski, Vladimir Jurowski, Andrei Semenov