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Andrey Semenov plays in the performance 'Who Is The Author Of This Disgrace?' at the Moscow Hermitage Theater
The 2020/2021 season is opening!
On September 25, Andrey Semenov conducts The Violet Of Montmartre (music by Imre Kalman, musical version and arrangement by Andrey Semenov) at the State Academic Theater Moscow Operetta.

On October 2, Andrey Semenov plays in the performance of the Moscow Hermitage Theater Who Is The Author Of This Disgrace? (interludes by Nikolay Erdman, composition and production by Mikhail Levitin, music by Andrey Semenov).

On October 6, Andrey Semenov conducts his musical Love And Doves at the Moscow Operetta State Academic Theater.


Composer Andrey Semenov and sound engineer Andrey Levin at the first music studio of Mosfilm
Sound recording of four operas by Andrey Semenov takes place on Mosfilm
In the First and Second Music Studios of Mosfilm, composer and conductor Andrey Semenov has been working on four operas for three years already. talked with the composer while recording excerpts from two operas with the participation of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Russia "Evgeny Svetlanov". Read more (in Russian)…


CD 'Gennady Gladkov. Soundtrack to the cartoon 'Separated'
New CD and LP with Gennady Gladkov's music
The soundtrack by Gennady Gladkov for the cartoon "Separated" has been published for the first time on CD and LP. The new recording was produced under the direction of Andrey Semenov.
Details and audio samples…
Recording process (video)…


CD 'Composer Andrey Semenov Reads Stories' and 'Nothing Related Songs'
Two new CDs
CDs "Composer Andrey Semenov Reads Stories" and "Nothing Related Songs" have been released in 2020. Details and audio samples — at the "Recordings" section.


Andrey Semenov. CD 'Salvation'
CD "Salvation" is now available in Apple Music
The CD album of chamber and symphonic music by Andrey Semenov "Salvation" is now available in Apple Music.


Recording of the soundtrack to the cartoon 'Separated' by Gennady Gladkov
Recording of the soundtrack to the cartoon "Separated" by Gennady Gladkov
In the Second Music Studio of Mosfilm under the direction of Andrey Semenov, a new version of the music by Gennady Gladkov for the animated film 'Separated' is recorded.

Article and pictures at the Mosfilm website (rus)…


Music by Andrey Semenov in Apple Music
Apple Music: new albums by Andrey Semenov
Albums by Andrey Semenov "Karlsson-On-The-Roof", "Little Operas", "Run, Steeds, Run" and "Children's Music for Adults" are now available in Apple Music.


LP 'Andrey Semenov. Orchestral Music. Svetlanov's Orchestra'
First! Andrey Semenov's music on vinyl records
The album by Andrey Semenov "Orchestral Music. The State Academic Symphony Orchestra 'Eugeny Svetlanov'" was released, and musical "Blinded Ones" was reissued in LP format.

More info…


Andrey Semenov, musical 'Love and Pigeons'. Novosibirsk, Feb 28-29 2020
Musical Love and Pigeons in Novosibirsk
On February 28 the premiere of the musical Love and Pigeons by Andrey Semenov will be held at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. The play by Vladimir Gurkin, lyrics by Sergey Plotov. Director Susanna Tsiriuk, musical director and conductor Marc Pevzner.

More info…


Premiere of the Sonata for Percussion
On February 2, 2020, at 7 p.m. in the Organ Hall of the Gnessins Secondary School of Music in Moscow (12, Znamenka St.), a new composition by Andrei Semenov — Sonata for Percussion — will be premiered. Performers — ensemble PercaRUSDuo (Mikhail Puchkov and Vladimir Terekhov).

More info…


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