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The score of Concerto for Mixed Choir is published
"Muzyka" Publishing House has published the score of the Concerto for mixed choir a cappella on texts from Russian Orthodox tradition (more info on the "Sheet Music" page).


The clavier of the musical "Brutish Show" has been published
The publishing house "Misic Production International" presents the first edition of the clavier of Andrey Semyonov's musical "Brutish Show" (see on the page Sheet Music).


Upcoming concerts of Andrey Semenov and the band "The Separated" at the Moscow Hermitage Theatre
April 04, 6 p.m. — program «And You Know?», special guest — Anna Guchenkova.
April 07, 7 p.m. — program «Fifteen Dogs», special guest — Daria Yanvarina.
Tickets are available at the Hermitage Theatre website.


…And one more clip
The new clip of "The Separated" group — the song by Andrey Semenov and Vladislav Starchevsky "The Smart Style Jacket" 0151 on the page Video.


New video clip by "The Separated" group
She Faded Away. Song from the play "People and Passion"
Music by Gennady Gladkov, lyrics by Heinrich Heine, translation by Lev Penkovski. Andrey Semenov and 'The Separated' group.


'And Do You Know?'. Andrey Semenov sings songs by Gennady Gladkov (to the 85th anniversary of the composer). Hermitage Theatre
'Fifteen Dogs'. Andrey Semenov sings songs by Andrey Semenov. Hermitage Theatre
Concerts at the Hermitage Theatre
New concert programs by Andrey Semenov and "The Separated" group are now monthly on the stage of the Moscow Hermitage Theater.

Upcoming concerts: March 12 — the program "And Do You Know?", March 27 — the program "Fifteen Dogs". Anna Guchenkova and Daria Yanvarina participate in the programs.

Tickets are avaliable at the Hermitage Theater website.


"Fanfan, The Tulip" in Saratov
Rehearsals of the musical by Andrey Semenov "Fanfan, The Tulip" began in the Saratov Regional Operetta Theater. Stage director Andrey Ryklin, Music director Vladislav Stashinsky, Stage conductor Valery Bryatko. The premiere is scheduled for April 2021.


Andrey Semenov. Little suite for female voice and cello
New sheet music
Muzyka Publishing House, Moscow, have published Little Suite for female voice and cello by Andrey Semenov, created in 1990 on verses by Nina Krasnova.

More info at Muzyka's website.


Premiere of the musical 'Love and Pigeons' at the Ivanovo musical theatre
Premiere in Ivanovo city
On 6th and 7th of February, 2021, the premiere of the musical "Love and Pigeons" by Andrey Semenov took place at the Ivanovo musical theater. Stage director — Valery Pimenov, music director and conductor — Sergey Kiss.

More info at the theatre's website.


'This City', song by Andrey Semenov from the musical 'Roads We Choose'
New video clip of the new group "The Separated"
This City, song by Andrey Semenov from the musical "Roads We Choose".
Lyrics by Vladislav Starchevsky


Andrey Semenov and 'The Separated' group
The first video clip of the new group "The Separated"
Andrey Semenov and "The Separated" group recorded The Song of Don Quixote from the musical Dulcinea del Toboso by Gennady Gladkov. Lyrics by Gleb Gorbovsky.

You can hear this song live at the premiere of the program "And Do You Know?"
December 15, 7 p.m., The Central House of Actor named after Alexandra Yablochkina (Arbat 35, Moscow)


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