composer Andrey Semenov
pitiable semblance of grotesque opera in two acts
Composer Andrey Semenov. Librtetto by the author
Real Opera Association soloists, choir and orchestra Conductor Vladimir Jurowski

CD „Tales About Chicha“, pitiable semblance of grotesque opera in two acts

3.  Aria of Brahms: "I hate Passacaglia from the Fourth Symphony!". Arthur Berkut

17.  Symphonic poem 'Storm at metro'  

22.  Finale of the first act – Quintet in E-flat major 'We'll go to Nakhimovskiy prospect'

       Vladislav Kiryukhin, Natalia Kreslina, Anna Petrova, Fedor Sofronov, Sergey Newski, choir, orchestra

23–24.   Prologue to the Second Act and The Spectator's Monologue. Vladimir Ognev

26.  Ovanesik's Song about Bach and Tyutkin. Anton Safronov  

27.  Tyutkin's Song about Bach and Ovanesik. Oleg Shagotski  

28.  Bach's Song about Tyutkin and Ovanesik. Andrey Semenov  

39.  Old, Old Fedor's Song (music by Nikita Bogoslovsky)  

        Vladislav Kiryukhin, Vladimir Jurowski, Andrey Semenov, Fedor Sofronov, Sergey Newski

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