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Andrey Semenov

Gennady GLADKOV.
The Book About A Cheerful Composer

Moscow: Muzyka Publishing House, 2009.

The first research monograph devoted to the work of an outstanding Russian composer Gennady Gladkov. Along with the analysis of a large number of works, both famous and little-known to the wide audience, the book contains many music examples, illustrations. Of particular interest are the dialogues of Gennady Gladkov and author, composer Andrey Semenov. Combining gravity and excitement, the book goes beyond the traditional description of the life and career of the protagonist. Andrey Semenov, referring to the music of his teacher, reflects on the global problems of modern art, argues with stereotypical views on history and aesthetics of the national musical culture, offering unexpected, paradoxical perspectives of ratings.
The publication is addressed to specialists in the field of music theory and history, as well as anyone interested in theater and art, who loves Gennady Gladkov's music.

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Practical Advice on Working in Folklore Expedition

Moscow: Kompozitor Publishing House, 2010.


Gennady Igorevich Gladkov. Life and Work
Album of piano transcriptions of Gladkov's music, with comments and pictures.

Compiled by S.M. Anashkin and A.V. Semenov.
Literary text by Andrey Semenov

Chelyabinsk: Music Production International, 2010.

Being one of the most prominent contemporary composers of Russia, G. I. Gladkov is the author of numerous compositions in various genres, such as: opera, ballets, a number of musicals and operettas, symphonic and chamber works, songs, vocal cycles, as well as music for theatre and films.
This collection presents arrangements for the piano of popular songs by Gennady Gladkov from television films, and also some fragments from his compositions of other genres, such as: opera, ballets, musicals, Concertino for Violin and Orchestra and others. Some compositions are being published for the first time.
The book is supplemented by biographical information of composer's life, his own thoughts about music and the statements of his colleagues — the eminent contemporary artists. The collection contains numerous illustrations.
The publication is addressed to students and teachers of children's art schools, secondary and higher music schools, as well as a wide range of music lovers.

Andrey Semenov's Articles:
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Articles about Andrey Semenov's music:
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